Facial Abuse Poke the Woke

I’m enamored of this chick. She’s cute, with a great figure and a delightful sense of humor. This was her first encounter with a double-penetration session, and she handled it like a pro. Her mouth served as an impromptu toilet bowl, swallowing the contents of two male penises clear down to her tummy. With trepidation, she opened her mouth to receive the yellow streams that flowed from their tips. After being subjected to some face fucking, they slid into her vagina and filled it with their sperm. The cum oozed out of her rookie cookie and she lapped it up hungrily. At one point, she had her tongue stuck inside the orifice of an old man’s ass as if counting rings, before four loads were dropped onto her face in quick succession; a new sensation for her which left her feeling slightly confused after swallowing the last three.

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