Allie Foster Returns For More Degradation

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As you know, Allie Foster’s first Facial Abuse scene was accidentally cut short. So Allie is back to shoot another and to be humiliated even further. This scene is fantastic and it’s fun to watch as more of her soul leaves her body as she’s destroyed by dicks. As always the first thing is the face fucking and just because she was here not long ago doesn’t excuse her from it. Allie was made to take dick deep down her throat so that she gagged and puked. Her pussy was then pounded to the max. Man her big tits bouncing with every cock thrust in her cunt are a massive turn on. Just like that last time, she was treated to a facial of lovely man goo. At the end of the scene the whore bowl that’s full of her puke is dumped over her head as the last bit of pride she had completely dissipates.

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