Ashden Returns For An Emotional Time

Ashden thought she’d return to Facial Abuse seeing as she had already had a scene under her belt. Well let me just tell you now, her first scene was not as emotional as today’s. Instead of only being in tears for moments, she cries from the start to end of this scene. I suspect the water works were due to her opening up herself more than she wanted to. And just like they do, the Facial Abuse guys exploited those weaknesses for all they’re worth. So what is it that has her so upset? I’m not telling you that, you’ll have to go watch the scene to find out.

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Ashden’s First Time At Facial Abuse & First Anal Ever

Ashden is a 23 year old whore who has made a couple of porn videos. Those videos however, are nothing compared with her Facial Abuse scene. I have no clue as to why Ashden has decided to be here seeing as she could make good money doing vanilla porn for years. Before coming to Facial Abuse, she did a little research on the scenes so she knew full well what she was getting herself into. Today for the first time ever, Ashden will be allowing a dick to stretch out her asshole. She’s never done anal before and a tight virgin ass is always a special treat. Apparently the face fucking, deep throating, cock in her ass and more was too much for her to handle and she broke down into tears. Ashden was given a little talk and she decided to buck up and finish her shoot like the good little skank she is. Good for her!

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Allie Foster Returns For More Degradation

As you know, Allie Foster’s first Facial Abuse scene was accidentally cut short. So Allie is back to shoot another and to be humiliated even further. This scene is fantastic and it’s fun to watch as more of her soul leaves her body as she’s destroyed by dicks. As always the first thing is the face fucking and just because she was here not long ago doesn’t excuse her from it. Allie was made to take dick deep down her throat so that she gagged and puked. Her pussy was then pounded to the max. Man her big tits bouncing with every cock thrust in her cunt are a massive turn on. Just like that last time, she was treated to a facial of lovely man goo. At the end of the scene the whore bowl that’s full of her puke is dumped over her head as the last bit of pride she had completely dissipates.

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Allie Foster’s First Trip To Facial Abuse

Allie Foster was nervous when she was finally on the Facial Abuse couch and for good reason. This whore was in for one hell of a time and took every minute of this scene like a pro. While being face fucked, Allie took dicks so far down her throat that even she was surprised at the depth. I guess it’s a hidden talent even she had no clue about. She doesn’t even complain when the cocks gag her making her puke. However I do have some unfortunate news for you. The scene of Allie having her pussy completely destroyed was accidentally deleted. But, trust me this face fucking scene is great and worth seeing.

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Abby’s Back And She’s Lost Her Mind

Abby’s been on Facial Abuse before and it was clear then that she’s a crazy whore. Today something triggered her to lose what little control on her sanity that she had. There weren’t any tranquilizers handy, but there was a straight jacket so she got to wear a pretty new white coat. After being kept in her cell long enough, she was allowed out for some Facial Abuse treatment. Of course this started off with some good face fucking once the gag was removed from her mouth. After taking a cock deep in her throat, it was rammed right up her asshole. With every thrust she squeals like a pig as her self worth disappears. For the final part of her treatment, she receives a face full of warm jizz.

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