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Formerly known as Azura Starr, this busty skinny whore changed her name to Karleigh Rogers because she wants to start her porn career with a fresh start. After destroying her throat, I think she may change her name again in the future. Bootleg and Pauly Harker dominated her throat in all different angles that she was gagging on their cocks. Her beat up pussy is then ripped up real good before they shoot their load all over her face.

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Extreme Face Fucking Kiki Sweet

This self proclaimed “slut” and “whore” is Kiki Sweet. This whore takes pride in knowing her holes are made available to make men cum. My instincts were right about her. She “gets it” and did exactly what she was told. She loves this kind of shit that Pauly and Bootleg went extra crazy on her. The guys rammed their cocks balls deep inside her throat as tears ran down her face. Then her pussy gets pounded real good before she takes a nice big load to her exotic face.

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Fallon West is someone you probably never heard of but you should. This whore is an import from Ukraine and did an amazing job at everything. As Bootleg and Pauly went on to destroy her throat balls deep, she did not gag at all. She took every inch of their cocks with every pump without hesitation. Then they went on to stuff her pussy and asshole at the same time before she gets two loads of jizz all over her pretty little face.

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Venus Rose Throat Fucked

Venus Rose is a lesbian whore who is here to suck cocks so that her girlfriend can get laser surgery. It’s admirable that this cunt would sacrifice herself to help another. She does well as she took Pauly’s huge cock while she’s on her knees. He fucks her face real good all the way down as she chokes and gags. Then she gets fucked hard in the ass. To finish off, Pauly shoots his load over her face and left her sitting there degraded and humiliated.

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This busty whore is May West and we had her pop her tits out during the interview and they were pretty heavy. To start the scene, she took the cocks down her throat like a good whore. Bootleg and Paulie brutally face fucked her as she gags on their cocks. Next thing they took out the GX 32 Modulator with a huge dildo and she screamed with delight as they used it on her. Then she was double penetrated before taking two humiliating loads on her face.

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